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Some Amazing Authors Have Autism


Welcome to my first blog entry! I am hoping that this website will be a useful resource to parents of special needs children.  Please come on in and look around :)

Last week I had the pleasure of watching the 20/20 story of Carly Fleishmann, a teenage girl with Autism who has learned how to type as her method of communication. As an occupational therapist who has spent a good part of her career working with kids on the spectrum (many of whom who aren’t able give you their perspective in words), her explanation of life as she feels it is so helpful.

Carly\’s story on 20/20

Carly also has a website (that looks as though she no longer is adding content), a Facebook page and uses Twitter.

In the same week a parent let me know about a new post on the Autism Speaks blog- where Lydia Wayman, a woman with Autism writes, “Autism, 10 Things I Wish You Would Accept, No Questions Asked”.

She is the author of the book: “Interview With Autism”

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  1. Your Blog theme is kind of bland in my opinion, I love your posts but maybe you should update it sometime soon, don’t take it wrongly!

    • Occupationaltherapy says:

      thanks I think. I agree the top is kind of bland, but it isnt finished!! Ive only had it a week, check back!!

  2. Wow, I just watched Carly’s video, she is inspirational! Thanks for posting.

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